Reduce water consumption

//Reduce water consumption

Reduce water consumption

For a state that receives about 58 inches of rain annually, a discussion of drought in Florida might appear to be of little relevance. But drought is a part of our climate, just like hurricanes, thunderstorms, wildfires, and tornadoes. Unlike the other hazards that affect the state, droughts can impact large areas and last for months, even years.

In South Florida we are currently under water restrictions, imposed by the South Florida Management District, that limit’s watering to two days a week in most location’s.

(Click here for your area’s watering schedule.)

So, what are some things that we can do to reduce our water consumption?

At Adrian Landscape we believe that empowering clients to make smarter choices regarding their water use is the first step. That can be accomplished through a          State/Contractor program of education, wherein contractors work closely with government agencies to ensure clients and homeowners are kept well informed and kept abreast of current watering trends. Another Great way to help stimulate water conservation would be to create Government sponsored incentives like we see with electricity. Programs like Southern California’s “water savings incentive program” can be implemented in Florida that would provide rebates for making improvements to existing irrigation systems.

Ask us about making investments into water saving technologies like smart controllers, upgrading existing systems, drip irrigation, and rotating nozzles. Also feel free to contact us with any other irrigation related questions you may have.

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